North America has an active presence in renewable energy.  The paradigm is shifting from solar as an alternate source of energy to the mainstream. Both governments and private groups are pushing to reduce the carbon footprint of coal-fired plants and sun-rich states and provinces are investing in solar farms for harnessing energy. There has been an increasing number of projects to establish stand-alone generation systems where energy is harnessed, stored and consumed on site, independent of the grid network. It’s an exciting period for our planet in the quest of going green.


Connect Logistics has a significant breadth of experience in the solar industry. We understand the complexity of shipping fragile solar panels, solar power inverters, and other parts across North America. We have the technology and capabilities to reduce inefficiencies and costs in transportation. Most importantly, our experience allows us to identify and manage variables within the shipping process.

Over the last 10 years Connect has partnered with manufacturers, distributors, EPC Companies and installers to facilitate the movement of solar materials to project sites. During this period we have formulated numerous transportation solutions that include inter-modal, consolidation and distribution, LTL/Partial Load and Last Mile delivery to job-sites. We have also organized clean-up of project sites with services such as clearing debris and organizing the return of remaining inventory to warehouses.


Krisalyn Barnett leads our team dedicated to transporting renewable energy equipment for customers.  She is supported by an experienced team of dispatchers who will create a unique solution to fit your specific transportation needs and ensure on-time, claims-free deliveries.

The Team’s key role is to help our customers manage their supply chain. Low tariffs have encouraged suppliers to source goods from all over the world. While we can facilitate effective ocean and air transport freight to North American ports, transportation management to final delivery is our specialty. Connect prides itself on our ability to communicate up and down the supply chain, optimizing our scheduling with construction crews to minimize costly delays.

Connect also facilitate short-term warehousing in close proximity to solar farms and other project locations. We are able to reduce cost inefficiencies through a combination of warehousing, bulk transport and shorter specialized deliveries. We understand the pressure to reduce $/watt and will identify supply chain efficiencies given your project elements and our transportation options.

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